OBZOR and BYALA are few of the resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, where building of new hotels is performed in a very nice way. Over the past 15 years, these two cities had experienced a huge development preiod and had received a completely new outlook, but without damaging the beautiful nature and sights around. Certainly, the tourists could find many opportunities for entertainment, but the tasteless commercial overdevelopment is certainly not a characteristic of Byala and Obzor! 

OBZOR is located 60 km south of Varna and 65 km north of Burgas. The transformation of the city into a perspective resort, contributes to the incredible combination of sea and mountain. The beach is about 10 km long and widens from 20 m to 60 m. The sand is fine grained, golden coloured. Obzor is a very comfortable resort with wide beaches, clean air, hospitable people, numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Because of its beautiful landscapes, the resort have become one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Bulgaria. In the recent years, because of the increasing number of foreign and local tourists visiting Obzor, the city has become a fashionable seaside resort. Along with the newly built luxury hotel complexes, many restaurants, night clubs and bars appeared all over. And still, mentioning the lovely nature, tourists could experience the clean and healthy air around, which makes the resort a suitable place for treatment of various diseases of the respiratory and nerve human systems, musculoskeletal system, allergies, laryngitis and chronic bronchitis. The guests of Obzor may also experience different cultural events - folklore and musical festivals, as well as to see historical monuments - remains of the ancient Heliopolis, in translation - the City of the Sun! And in August here it shines at least 10 hours per day - the perfect combination for sports and recreation :)
BYALA is very close, only 5 km. north of Obzor. The coastline of Byala area is characterized by a combination of rocky coast, small bays and beaches, with sand dunes. The coast is steep and uneven, which makes it more attractive. The total length of the beach is 6244 meters, or about 16% of the total length of the sand beach, located in the region of Varna. Byala had experienced a huge development over the last five years, which is associated mainly with the positive activity of the administration of the Municipality of Byala, which managed to attract funding and fulfill numerous EU projects. One of these projects is the City Stadium in Byala, which has become a modern and multifunctional sports facility! Also through European funding, the city had restored and cultivated an interesting archaeological site - the old ancient fortress at Cape St. Atanas. And today the fortress is visited by many thousands of tourists, every year. During the summer season, the city is hosting various cultural events, almost daily. Overall - Byala today is also a wonderful place for sports and recreation :)